River Rafters - First Aid Checklist

In a Waterproof carrying case:


First Aid book small waterproof to refresh your memory

Paramedic shears/knife 1 medium size cutting clothing/tape/dressings

Razor 2 safety type removing hair for taping

Tweezers 1 medium splinter removal

Safety Pins 10-20 various sizes triangular bandage

Cotton Swabs (Q-tips) 1 package cleaning lacerations and eyes

Note pad/pencil 1 pad recording all proceedures

CPR face shield 1 used as a barrier device

Disposable gloves 2 pair used as a barrier device

Pen light 1 extra light/pulminary response

Snakebite kit 1 kit for suction of the laceration


Aspirin/Tylenol 36-50 tablets general pain relief

Antacid 15-20 tablets indegestion/heartburn

Ibuprofen 15-20 tablets musle/menstrual cramps

Antihistamine 15-20 tablets insect bites/colds/rashes

Oil of clove 1 small bottle toothache

Solarcaine 1 bottle sunburn pain relief

Calamine lotion 1 bottle poisonous insect and pain relief

Sun Block (PABA, Zinc Oxide) 1 bottle sunburn prevention


Antibacterial soap 8-12 oz. bottle cleaning wounds

Moleskin 1 pack for blisters

Band-aids 1 pack, 1" for lacerations, scrapes

Butterfly closures 15-20 various sizes for closing lacerations

Anti-bacterial ointment 1-2 tubes antiseptic for wounds

Carlisle dressing or Kotex 3-5 (4" wide) for large bleeding wounds

Ace bandage 2" or 3" for sprains

Chemical ice 1 package to reduce swelling

Sterile pad gauze flats 18 (2" x 2") for small wounds

Sterile pad gauze flats 18 (4" x 4") for large wounds

Adhesive tape 2 (2" rolls) for bandages, dressings, sprains

Triangular bandage/safety pins 4 (40" size) for arm or leg support

Roller gauze 5 rolls (2" x 5 yards) for holding gauze flat

Sam splint 1 for arm and leg splinting
caution, these can be dangerous!

Arm splint 1 pneumatic for fracture or pressure bandages


Ex-lax 1 small package constipation

Syrup of Ipecac 1 bottle to induce vomiting

Eye drops 1 bottle eye wash

Kaopectate 1 bottle diarrhea

Ear drops 1 bottle clogged ears

Water purification tablets 1 bottle purifying water

Vaseline 1 bottle dry skin/lips

Oral glucose, sugar, honey, candy 1 tube for treatment of diabetic condition

Neosporin ointment 1 tube for the control of infection

Thermometer 1 (in plastic tube) for fever/hypothermia

Baby shampoo 1 bottle to wash an open wound

Robitussin 1 bottle for cough and cold relief

Antacids 1 box for indigestion

Alcohol swabs 10 packets for surface cleaning

10% proridine-iodine solution 10 packets/1 bottle disinfectant

19% hydrocotisone cream 10 packets/1 tube to prevent infection

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